Client register

Data controller
Quattro Mikenti Group Oy, Piispantilankuja 2 A, 02240 ESPOO

Contact person
Tanja Lönnberg, puh. 050 911 5131,

The purpose of processing personal data
We process personal data to maintain our business relationship with our clients, i.e.
- responding to clients request or queries
- offering services
- fulfilling agreements
- invoicing
- collecting
The legal basis of collecting data is a concent given or a contract to which the data subject is party.

Contents of the register
Register contains client´s and potential client´s name and contact information. When client is a private person who places an order, we also register his/her Personal identity code and terms of payment agreed. Refusing to submit your Personal identity code means that we might not be able to provide you with our products and services.

Information sources
Personal data is collected directly from a client who makes an enquiry using our web form or contacts us otherwise or places an order or enters into an agreement. Please note we may check your credit information from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy before entering into or fulfilling an agreement.

Disclosing personal data
We do not regularly disclose personal data to third parties. Your personal data will not be transferred outside EU or European Economic Area.

Retention of personal data

We store your personal data only as long as needed for purposes mentioned above. Private person´s personal data is stored for maximum 2 years, unless it is necessary to keep it longer due to invoicing, collecting, bookkeeping or other legal reasons or because of provided warranty.

Principles of protecting personal data
We take all needed technical and organizational data protection actions to hold your personal data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access and misuse. Manual data is stored out of unauthorized reach in locked premises. We avoid printing and destroy documents after use. Electronic data is protected by
firewalls and access keys.

We use secured connections, so personal data you have provided us by filling our web form will be
transferred by secured connections (HTTPS) between web browser and website. Access to personal data
that is stored from the web form is only permitted to supervisors and administration, who need it for work
purposes. Assemblers get contact information necessary for implementation from them. All data
processors are aware of the confidentiality of personal data and are obliged to keep the data safe and

Client´s rights
Every data subject has a right to check the accuracy of his/her personal data and to request correction or
erasing of data. Would you wish to do so, please send your request in writing or make it in person. We may
ask you for proof of identity. The right to erase your data does not concern data we are entitled to store for
invoicing, bookkeeping, warranty or justified legal grounds.

Complaint to the supervising authority
You as the data subject may lodge a complaint to the data protection authority.

We update this privacy policy when necessary and may also modify it, e.g. if we make changes in data
processing. Therefore we ask you to review this privacy policy regularly.

Composed / updated
16.7.2020 / 21.7.2022